Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ever heard of Bongo Ball?

Well it’s my last blog entry of the semester and I have had a busy couple of weeks. As classes wind down to a close it seems like I have gotten caught up in studying for finals like everyone else, however I have still had time for some fun as well. The basketball teams have looked great so far. Of course I like a close game, but 50 point blowouts are always fun to cheer for as well. I look forward to the rest of the season. Tutoring for the middle school has also continued to go well, as I have now got to know some of the kids pretty well. I found out it’s extremely gratifying when a student comes back the next day with a good grade on a subject you tutored them in.

I also am looking forward to the telethon the Quality Leaders are hosting that will be on PBS. I haven’t actually been to one, but I have heard only good things about it, and of course a good cause will be helped. I also played a game early this month called bongo ball. Probably one of the best games ever invented. Apparently, bongo ball is where you get nurf footballs, and fire them at your friends with high powered CO2 rifles. Oh, and there are inflatable obstacles all across the gym laid out to hide behind. My crowning achievement was to win a three on three match against one of the instructors teams… even if the other instructor was on mine.

Lastly, I’m super stoked for Christmas! Besides the obvious fact that everyone loves the holidays, I’m making a special trip to go snowboarding with a friend that has been living it up in California. I’m looking forward to showing him that cold can’t be all bad. So be jolly everyone, and happy holidays!

-Gard Evans
Quality Leader

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Quality Leader also a CWC rodeo team member

Hi!  It’s Danni Jo Hinman and I am a member of the Central Wyoming College rodeo team. Come check us out at practice every Monday-Thursday at 6pm at the CWC Equine Center.  This fall, we had five rodeos and we will participate in 5 more in the spring.  During the spring rodeo season, we will travel to Casper, Gillette, Laramie, Torrington and Ft. Collins CO. Both the men and women's rodeo teams are sitting well in points and we hope to live up to the standards set last year with the women's team finishing number one in the region and second at the national finals!

Danni Jo Hinman
Quality Leader

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Student Success Center is there for you

Writing a blog is always a good process. It’s sort of a self disclosure, a relief after which I feel better. This blog I’m planning to devote to my experience of Fall 2012. This semester I became a teacher assistant (tutor), at Student Success Center also known as Trio. Student Success Center is a CWC organization which offers students a various types of opportunities. Trio fulfills almost all needs of every student. It provides laptops, books, calculators, advising - transferring services, counseling and also provides an accommodation to students with special needs. The staff at Trio is specially helpful, friendly and all of them have a dedication to help students, to provide the best opportunity to succeed in classes. At Trio, the staff has a dedication to provide the learning environment, they are also interested in setting up interest groups and in preparing needed materials and supplies. Every faculty member is there for you to help you to improve your good habits and academic performance, to mentor students and to provide successful learning methods.

            The most important thing at Trio is that students get a chance to study with peer-tutors who have taken your class and got an A grade. They are your best source. They know how you are feeling about the class, because they have been in your shoes just a semester before, and they know the best methods and tactics that work to be successful in those classes. I have improved academic skills last semester when I used to come as a student. Now I’m there as a tutor, and help them with the best I can, so they can do better.

            I highly encourage every students to join Student Success Center and to become a Trio Student. It helped me, it helped my other friends, and I’m sure it will help you.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Looking forward to new classes

I hope everybody had a great holiday season. I know I am. It was good to see my family and compete with others at Black Friday.

College life is still treating me well. I’m excited that the semester is wrapping up so that I can move on to other classes and see if I can peak my interests in other ways. I plan to test myself even more during the spring semester than I have so far.

As fall semester wraps up, I have come to realize that even though CWC is a small campus, it is one that I really enjoy. I believe that the smaller classes, smaller campus, and having teachers that can actually remember your name has created a wonderful atmosphere to be involved with. Generally speaking, I haven’t cared to be part of school activities. This has changed significantly since I have been a Rustler. I have gone to many basketball games and plays now, not to mention the countless other activities I have attended. I am excited to continue having these experiences during the spring semester of 2013.

It is safe to say that CWC has me looking at the future in a serious manner for the first time. While it is nerve racking to think about, my experience at Central Wyoming College has me excited about what the world has in store for me and how I can find my place within it. On that note, I should go!

Brady Beers
Quality Leader

Monday, November 19, 2012

Checking in…

Hey everyone, it's Johnny again. I just wanted to let you know how my first semester is going at Central Wyoming College. So far, my first semester has been going well! I have been involved in many of the school activities, including basketball and volleyball games, sports broadcasting, student senate, Quality Leader, the Halloween dance, and many other fun activities as well. I am in the traveling Jazz Choir for CWC, and we recently traveled to various areas of Utah singing for 5 different high schools, not only to perform, but also to recruit potential members of next years choir at Central. I have made SO many new friends around the school, an I have continued to be good friends with some of my high school buddies. Though I am CONSTANTLY busy between all these activities, studying, and my job at TCi, I am having an absolute wonderful time.

Johnny Souza
Quality Leader

Friday, November 16, 2012

Special thanks to TCT

Rustler TV is now available anywhere on the web. Catch all the Rustler action from the Bailey Tire Tip Off this weekend live on Rustler TV from wherever you may be!

Our students work their bums off to bring you great programming, so be sure to check out the other student projects airing as well.

Holidays and basketball

Time for the holidays and, of course, college basketball!

This time of year is always fun! Not only by CWC students and staff but for our community as well. Our student section has been great and I hope we can get a lot more students involved! I have attended almost all of the games this season and they have done a phenomenal job.  

Games are a big part of college life and one of the most fun! The more people the better, so I hope more people will come and support our men and lady Rustlers. There are games this weekend and I hope to see a lot of faces there!

CWC plays at home tonight at 5:30/7:30 and tomorrow at 3:00/5:00.

Both teams play at home again on Tuesday, November 20 at 5:30/7:30.

Whitney Martinez
Quality Leader